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Elizabeth Horrell has been a 'Fashionista' since the age of 3, now a proud mother of two budding 'Fashionmisters', Elizabeth is committed to turning your ideas into outstanding expressions of who you are.

A budding entrepreneur, Elizabeth has worked as a Model, a Designer/Consultant and Stylist. Now Elizabeth offers a single source for all of these services.

Elizabeth's warm, friendly and approachable manner clearly shows she loves what she does and cares about how her clients feel, as much as about how they look. Her passion, commitment and gentle approach, to guiding each client with great care to the colours and style that suit them makes her an absolute joy to work with.

You'll look your personal best on every occasion, and every day, with the style, confidence and knowledge you've always wanted.

"Expressing who I am has always been very important to me, and fashion has always presented some unique ways to do so. I always tend to think outside the box, never wanting to be in a set mould. I want to be an inspiration, if I can do it, so can you, sometimes all we need is a little help reaching our goal." - Elizabeth Horrell
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