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Elizabeth, we at Simply Dashing Weddings would like to thank you and publicly share how awesome, patient, dedicated and truly authentic you are and what an extremely valuable asset you are to the fashion industry and crucial to the wedding business. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, thank you for your continued business, and thank you for caring. It's an extreme honor to be your client; both personally and professionally. - Lezlie

I was always very akward and timid when it came to fashion and expressing my self through it and somehow remained on the sidelines of it. I stuck to the basics of simple clothing, comfort colours(black and white) and often no accessories. In my silent moments i always marvelled at girls who were confident enough to put pieces of clothing and accessories together and make it work for them. Eventually as I developed the confidence I finally started experimenting with ideas but I soon realized I reallt didn't know how to puzzle my ideas together. So I just gave up and clouded my ideas out of my mind, but through a mutual friend I met Elizabeth Horrell, a FB stylist. I started visiting her page, looking closely at her selections and carefully created portfolios of full outfits and cute but stylish quotes. I then contacted her for a consult and from then customer relationship.I particularly loved her approach to her clients where she first introduced her services giving her clients options and then creating personalized packages for each individual. Elizabeth has helped me to express myself through fashion, giving me that extra push and assurance that I can do this. I am finally able to do so not holding back and working with her was so much fun in my process. Thankyou so much Elizabeth for your fun filled, natural sense of professionalism and easy going personality. You have truly helped me become my own fashionista in my own right.Nekeisha Lara


Working with Elizabeth Horrell Image Consultant has been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences I've ever had. I've never really been confident about myself but Elizabeth truly helped me see another side of me and how beautiful I truly am. She helped me embrace my natural beauty; something I had been struggling with. She knows exactly how to style someone with an outfit that will compliment their figure. It was my first photo shoot and I was slightly nervous, however as soon as we got on set, she made me feel as if I was doing this for years! I love that she let me be myself and her advice on how to pose made the pictures even more beautiful! Keep up the AMAZING work Elizabeth Horrell! This is exactly what God made you to do! - Saskie


Luv the difference that u bring, the positive and encouraging quotes with the fashion, keep up the brilliant work Elizabeth. - Lisa David

Lela Skuljicak - By FAR the best stylist out there! Love seeing your designs in my news-feed. - Lela Skuljicak

Liz you are turning me into a face-book junkie. I used to check twice or three times a week to see what the children had posted but now you I check three to four times a day to see what fabulous sets and encouraging quotes you have posted. You should consider both your areas of ministry. I am extremely proud of you and trust that you will earn big bucks. Stay blessed. - Grace Chandler


As an artist, I have been privileged to work with an image consultant whose style, personality combined with a passion for the profession made the experience of making a record photo-shoot a joyous & memorable one. As far as I’m concerned she deserves a very high recommendation to anyone seeking an image consultant. - Earl Batchelor Recording Artist

We needed to get ready for a photo shoot and called Liz to put together our wardrobe. All I can say is awesome. And we have the pics to prove it. - Pst Damian Chandler Live Coal Ministry

Elizabeth made this whole new experience for us very easy, Elizabeth dressed Luke for his com card photo shoot and the photographer was extremely impressed, Luke has since received many calls and jobs from at least five different clients/agents. We must say we are very satisfied customers and we recommend Elizabeth to anyone wanting to look impressive or simply look their best. - E Charles (Parent) - Luke (Model)

All I can say is since I discover this site I am happy woman you have been given a gift and it came from God glorify him .Your work makes my days .You are an inspiration. - FB supporter

Woohoo!!! We finally see you - Beautiful!!! You know what makes it even better? The fact that you are not a full figured lady, but you still remembered that we exist. You have catered so wonderfully to us ladies who have a little bit more to work with. Thank you sooooo much for that higher level of understanding - Much Love Ingrid FB supporter

Liz - thank you for allowing me to use your inspirational clothing sets in the slideshow presentation for The Home Depot's 2012 Women's Link Forum. - We are so delighted! Anitra Jackson

After searching on my own for months to find the perfect replacement to a much loved pair of kitten heel slingbacks, I turned to Liz for help.  Unfortunately, the pickings have been slim in my budget range, and my aesthetics relating to this pair of shoes were fussy :-) Liz persevered through three or four sets of selections which didn't meet my exacting tastes and found me FOUR awesome shoes that finally 'blew me away'....thank you Liz Horrell!! You do good work.  God bless! - Jacqueline James Great Service!

I really must commend "Liz". I have worked with a few personal shoppers and stylists and your style and choices are spot on. Nice one! - Awele FB supporter

I just LOVE everything that you share!!!! If I ever become rich, I will dress in ONLY the stuff YOU put me in! You are AWESOME and I get inspired by everything that you post! - Kimberly FB supporter

Liz just wanna say u r off the chain. U rock ma world... God bless and keep you. - Emmaline FB supporter

In all the posts of beautiful clothing one thing stands out - Beautiful curvy women who look happy and confident with who they are. As a curvy woman myself it is truly refreshing to see women adorned in clothing that suits them and enhances their body structure. Simply Awesome I say. Just Awesome!!!!! - Ingrid FB supporter


I go through your page everyday on facebook, I must say, you indeed make my day! I love the cacophony of colors and pieces you put together. You are very talented! Thanks for sharing, all God’s blessingsPs- Oh how I wish you were my sister….lol - Melissa

Seriously Elizabeth, your taste is impeccable! - Nadège FB supporter

What a wonderful blessing it was to find you! A woman with class, style, heart and most importantly faith... May God continue to bless your endeavors. - Shenikwa FB supporter
Did I say your fashion is 'splendifferous' lol cannot find another word to describe so I created my own.... precious!! -
Michelle FB Supporter

Thank you for sharing your ideas! You’re very creative and a blessing to others! - Indira FB Supporter

May you continue to be an inspired image are making the world beautiful with your fabulous combinations!!! - Thelda Seamstress

Dear Elizabeth...I am dizzy going through your FB page. I don't know how you are available to do this and why someone has not stolen you and hidden you away to prevent you from making this public. This is no flattery, there are many stylists but I have not seen those looks even on the red carpet. Girl, I am telling you, that you are blessed, you are highly gifted and you are extremely unique in your sense of style! - Valerie FB Supporter

Liz u have my head, belly and heart hurting with you FB pics!!!!!! - Paula FB supporter

This FB page is not good for the heart.. a woman's heart... every post gives my heart a jolt...I think I should check with my doc before I visit again. LOL...Seriously though...the colour combinations are too die for..oops... did I say die!? lol... FB Supporter

My dear you have a gift. It takes time and research to find this stuff and compile it here for our enjoyment and edification. Keep up the good work! - Jo FB Supporter

Hey Elizabeth, congratulations on your FB page! It is warming and inspiring to the heart. - Gizel FB supporter

Fabolous!!!!!!!!  I love your style we have similar taste always enjoy looking at your collections  please keep them coming :) - Avielle

I contacted Elizabeth to help me get out of a rut I was in.  Everything in my wardrobe was black and when I went shopping the safe buy was always black or grey.  Elizabeth talked me through some options and provided a great picture file to refer to when purchasing and putting together
new outfits. She was always professional and eager to help...thanks Elizabeth. -
Keri Gysbers

Elizabeth Horrell, you are talented and the world has not seen your best work yet....stay tuned FB....You don't wanna miss the next big big project! - Angela Joseph

Oh my! Your color coordination is off the chain I will wear every suit! - Jennien

It's like hanging with a friend... not awkward at all. Her opinions are backed with experience and a vibrant personality. My favourite is that she respects your dislikes, all while trying to push your boundaries of what you’re comfortable with. Needless to say if the shopping was that comfortable and fun then the photo shoot was nothing but a woman’s dream: a camera, beautiful clothing, and a friend to laugh away the hours. - Tabatha Araujo Nursing student
Elizabeth is a fun and outgoing person. She really has a good eye for the looks and was interesting to work with! She’s very professional in how she does things and I would recommend using her services. -
Akim Zhigankov College student

I love Elizabeth's work ... I haven't even met her but the few times we talked I feel as if we were friends for a long time. She really takes time to know her clients and give the best advice. Her key eye for style, fashion and accessorizing is eye and mouth-watering! So what u waiting on ... Only wish she lived here lol :P .... Wishin u blessings and further success! *hug* luv ya and Elizabeth Horrell Image Consultancy!!! - Jazzy Wazzy Fashionista

I really do love your work and i appreciate your sense of style and boldness...growing up most times we are not encouraged to express ourselves from within, i believe that's what you do with your combinations. And I can testify that it truly is a reflection of one's inner peace and joy shining through...and at all times when one feels great inside its always shown with a smile on the outside so again...I appreciate you and your work. God Bless you and your team... - Roxanne Charles  

Today I had the awesome opportunity of having Liz literally transform a crazy looking closet to a neat and tidy portion of my room. One simple change in the type of hangers I used aesthetically changed the appearance immediately! Her tips and cheerful personality made this experience one that I will never forget. Her attention to detail will help you rediscover and have a new appreciation for your wardrobe immediately! Thank you once again Liz for's the start of new me ;) #excited. - Tiffany Barrow

Loving this site. Let me start by saying thank you the consultation you did with me. I can now say the world is truly FLAT, we did this from our various locations without leaving each other’s country. Oh the joy of the internet. For those reading this, you need to connect with Mrs. Elizabeth Horrell, she's the Bomb! She'd hook you up just right and NOT bust your bank. - Fern President Senior GBS1 Radio Prod

Being (I believe) Liz's first plus size model for her website was truly a wonderful experience. I am honoured to be part of the "Yummy Mommies" :) As a plus size woman you are very aware of yourself and Liz made me feel comfortable and beautiful!  Her approach and attention to detail was much appreciated. Thank you for your honesty and kind words of encouragement throughout the duration of the process.  You are a true beauty and a professional.  Looking forward to the next adventure! Blessings! x0x - Teena Riley  Spec Ed/Gospel Recording Artist

This website is wonderful, every photograph is different. The fashion is so colourful and intriguing, really captures the viewer’s attention! Definitely wonderful work! I love Elizabeth as a stylist she really knows how to make the clothes pop on the models. Great work! Love it. - Stephanie Barton

Being a wife & mother of two, left me with little time to take care of myself, let alone dress for success. When I became a business owner, meeting  with potential business partners required a major change in my image & I had to do so fast. Elizabeth Horrell's ability to style me and do so virtually at that, left me not only looking PROFESSIONAL & SMART but her choice for my new style, balanced my image as a mom & wife as well. I look forward to working with you again SOON. Continue MAKING IT HAPPEN - (NJ,USA) - Alicia La Foucade

When I told Liz I planned on doing a maternity shoot, I expected nothing to come of it...Liz immediately sent me a series of pics of various types of maternity shoots.  I was sooo impressed with the time and attention she offered me, a non-paying person.  She made me feel absolutely comfortable in memorializing one of the most important stages in my life -- pregnancy. She is the best person to meet WHATEVER consulting needs you might have!! Love her! - Saara McEachnie

So now I write on your websiite wall...... whooopieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is it! You are a successor.........I am so proud of you and trust me people....her words are true and wise....SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING....this is a gift given byy God! Bella love youuuuuuuuuuuuu:) muazzzzzzzzzz! - Talitha 'bella'

After I had my son I was really thrown off with what to wear heading back out to work after 4 months. I didn’t want to look “old” I still wanted to be fashionable even though my body had changed, (that’s where Liz came in) after speaking with her and sending her pics of my “new body” she was able to truly put me back in the game (lol)! It started with the right underwear and then I was giggling when she recommended short dresses with tights! I totally love that look on me. I feel great and I look great to! - Luan New Mom UK

Elizabeth’s attention to detail is unmatched. She makes her clients feel like royalty and REFUSES to stop until she has fulfilled their every need, desire and want. Working with Elizabeth on probably the biggest day of our lives was SO easy. She took control and lovingly guided us to where we wanted to be. Talking to her is effortless AND she gets IT. Yes, she gets YOU. I wish we could get married again for the opportunity to work with a lady who recreates your ideas and takes them to unimaginable heights. - Rachel lee Reid Happy Bride/Wife

Elizabeth Horrell is today one of the best in her line of work. Second to none why because in fashion basically all you really need is a fashion consaltant that has tremendous taste and can make you feel comfortable in your skin. With a personality that is out of this world she's the person to contact for all the possible looks you need. SOS band is looking forward to working with Elizabeth Horrell .Blessings. - Gary McSween

This is my sister in Christ and I am well pleased with how she is allowing God to order her steps. Everything she does, she does with style and finesse. I am couting the days to when I get to throw some mad business her way!!! Much love - Tendayi SanarPics by Tendayi

She is absolutely the best !Makes you into a brand new person, you will step out with style confidence and all that attitude to send you to the stars! Best wishes to my sis.... love u ... God Bless you and your business endeavours. - Candy

I was referred to Liz by a mutual friend of ours. I was simply looking for someone to choose an outfit for a special event but I ended up going all out. I had such an awesome experience wih Liz. She was more than an image consultant to me, she was also my friend. It's amazing how and when God puts certain people in our lives and I was blessed to be her client. She is very knowledgeable and professional and it was GREAT! I do plan to keep using her services in the future. She is truly one of a kind! - JayJay

I worked with Liz over the past couple of months to help fine-tune my new look. Not only was Liz extremely professional, but she took the time to explain why she picked certain pieces, and how those pieces will work in my new wardrobe. I felt like I have learned so much from this experience. I can't wait to try out Liz's tips for my new look! I highly recommend her :) - Tia D

As a young professional I understood from early that you only have one (1) opportunity to make a lasting impression on someone. Whether we acknowledge it or not our wardrobe is scrutinized when we enter a room. So a wardrobe makeover was a must. I must say my experience with Liz was AMAZING I never put much thought for my body & what I wore until Liz did the assessment. What you wear DOES - Joanna Harewood

I ♥ your page!! Especially Thursdays and Fridays!! Thanks for helping me on my vegan journey!! - Tiffany K White
You are simply amazing and Blessed! Keep doing it! -
Jhenise Cochrane-Jeffers

Everyday I look forward to what u will post. Your aura, kind spirit and love for God transcends even the internet. Thanks for every one of your posts. Krista Reeves

Smooches! Thanks for your daily encouragement and beautiful fashions. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.. - Richelle Ford-Watkins

Let me just say: My secret ambition in life is to get to an economic level where I am able to invest in the services of Elizabeth Horrell Image Consultant...not just for ONE outfit but for ALLLLLL of my outfits!!!!! - Shaless Peoples

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